Minnesota Zoo selling unintentionally (?) morbid shirts in tribute of relocated dolphins

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Matt Logelin's Twitter
If you want to create new Allie or Semo memories, you'll have to travel to Illinois or California, respectively.
No, Allie and Semo haven't died. But if you didn't know that and came across one of the shirts for sale at the Minnesota Zoo paying tribute to the relocated dolphins, you'd probably think they'd passed on to marine mammal heaven.

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The "Thanks for the memories" shirt visible above was brought to our attention by author Matt Logelin, who was in Minnesota and visited the zoo as party of a holiday getaway.

As we told you about in October, Abbie, 25, and Semo, who at 48 is the oldest male bottlenose dolphin in human care, were removed from the Minnesota Zoo earlier this year in advance of major repairs to the zoo's saltwater-damaged Discovery Bay building.

Unfortunately, fond dolphin memories will have to tide over Minnesota Zoo fans for the foreseeable future, as the zoo has no plans to house dolphins again after the repairs are completed.

For what it's worth, Logelin, asked on Twitter if he purchased one of the shirts, replied: "[O]f course I did."

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