MN United's Richard Carlbom preaching patience with regard to marriage equality push

Carlbom was exuberant was the amendment went down, but he's taking a sober approach to marriage equality legislation.
In the wake of Senate Majority Leader-elect Tom Bakk's "We are getting some calls from some real liberal constituencies" comments about gay marriage, the Minnesota Progressive Project's Eric Pusey touched base with Minnesota United for All Families' Richard Carlbom to get his reaction.

As campaign manager, Carlbom oversaw MN United's successful effort to defeat the marriage amendment. He was also the star of a memorable video shot the very moment he learned the amendment had been defeated while he spoke to other MN United staffers and volunteers at the very end of a long and uncertain election night.

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So you might expect Carlbom to denounce Bakk's remarks and demand the legislature act quickly toward realizing marriage equality. Think again.

Here's what Carlbom said to the MPP:
We know there are many priorities, including the budget, school funding and tax reform facing the legislature in 2013. While legislators will focus on their top priorities, we know the conversation about why marriage matters -- its about love, commitment and responsibility -- has only just begun. This conversation about why marriage matters will continue throughout all aspects of Minnesota life, including the legislature.
"The conversation has only just begun"? Those don't sound like the words of someone real confident a gay marriage bill will be approved and signed into law this session.

If that's indeed how things play out, it'll no doubt be disappointing to some, but take solace: with the DFL set to control the legislature until early 2015 at the earliest, if marriage equality doesn't happen this year, there's always next year (or, more accurately, next session).

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