Northeast Mpls resident has Santa hanging from noose in front yard, rock n' roll nativity scene [IMAGE]

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Image by Tatiana Craine
If Mary and Joseph spurted blood, then Peterson's nativity scene would be something GWAR could be proud of.
A northeast Minneapolis man is generating a bit of Christmas-time controversy with a nativity scene that looks like something from a KISS concert.

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Matthew Peterson, a resident of the 2500 block of Polk Street Northeast, has in his yard a handcuffed Santa hanging from a noose with a chair kicked out from under him and a nativity scene featuring Mary and Joseph decked out in metal-style black makeup.

According to a KSTP report, not everyone in the neighborhood is thrilled about Peterson's rock 'n' roll Christmas display, which he says is a remnant of a "Worst Christmas Ever" party he hosted a few weeks ago.

"I'm really not sure what their point is," Livi Buvala told KSTP. "I think that's the most unsettling thing for me is I don't understand the point behind it."

A little girl who lives in the neighborhood named Sandra Diaz-Sanchez told KSTP that "It looks like a Santa Claus being tortured because his hands are stuck together like if he was in prison."

"It seems sort of mean to do that," she added.

Asked how he'd respond to those unsettled by his Christmas display, Peterson said: "Happy holidays. Enjoy the season."

One neighbor told KSTP they were thinking of filing a complaint with the city, but the city has no ordinance pertaining to offensive nativity scenes.

Seems like it'd almost be more appropriate for Halloween, doesn't it? But let's hope for Peterson's neighbors' sake that he isn't planning to leave his rock 'n' roll Christmas scene on display until then.

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jason.dorweiler topcommenter

I think this is the first story I like from Aaron. Every word of it is great! Something I would read in the Onion, only its true. hahaha.


I'm sorry, but this is nothing compared to the 25 Cent Tacos annual XXX-Mas show entitled "Fuck Jesus In The X-Mas hole".


Haha this dude is awesome! I gotta party with this guy! He is genius and this display is awesome. Everyone else quit being so fucking sensitive and get a sense of humor. And if that doesn't work mind your own business. To each their own and this is still 'Merica kind of.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

This is exactly what the NRA was talking about.  This guy is going to cause another Sandy Hook.   Better buy AR 15s people. 


@citypages what a douchebag.

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