Owner of Trail's End gun shop in Fridley reports "feeding frenzy" for military-style weapons

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At Fridley's Trail's End gun shop, the supply of military-style semi-automatics is having a hard time keeping up with demand.
In a speech delivered two days after the Newtown school shooting, President Obama signaled his support for unspecified gun control measures, possibly including a crackdown on military-style semi-automatic rifles like the one used by Adam Lanza.

The message that stronger gun control could be on the way wasn't lost on Minnesotans interested in buying semi-automatic rifles, says Dennis Klein, manager of the Trail's End outdoors store in Fridley.

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"The craze is on," Klein told Fridley Patch, speaking of the demand for firearms post-Newtown. "It's a feeding frenzy."

More from Patch's conversation with Klein:
People are buying "ammo like crazy" and "lots and lots of guns," Klein said. The store had sold out of extra magazines and 223 ammunition Tuesday, and had imposed a limit on sales of AR-type, military style guns of one per customer--"'til they're gone."...

Klein called the gun-buying binge a continuation of the waves of interest after the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, with gun enthusiasts anticipating new restrictions from President Obama.

"Once he's in, he can do anything he wants," is their thinking, Klein said. Customers are seeking the "AR type of stuff that you see military use [so] if they were to ban something, they got it before it's banned."
Klein's "feeding frenzy" remark corroborates reports from a number of metro countries that gun permit applications spiked dramatically in the days following Newtown.

In fact, according to a separate Patch report published this morning, demand at Trail's End may be on the verge of getting out of hand -- just before midnight last night, police responded to the store's burglary alarm and found the front window shattered, though no merchandise was taken.

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