"Ponder's wedding will be the first without a reception" [TOP 10 TWEETS]

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At the start of the season, Ponder said football was his girlfriend. For better or worse, things changed in a hurry.
Yesterday's late-breaking news that Christian Ponder and Samantha Steele are engaged turned Twitter into a forum for Twin Cities media personalities to do their best comedian impressions just in time for happy hour.

FROM SEPTEMBER: Star Tribune's C.J. grills Vikings' Christian Ponder about his bereft love life

The possibilities for jokes are endless! Here's the Vikings struggling quarterback -- one who has been remarkably open about his dating life in the past -- popping the question to a smokin' ESPN sideline reporter after just a couple months of dating. It's comedic gold, and thankfully, some folks were up to the task of doing some late-afternoon mining.

First, here's the unquestioned best tweet about the Ponder-Steele engagement:As of yesterday evening, it had been retweed almost 500 times. We always love that one!

And here's the best of the rest in top 10 form:

10. Dan Barreiro offered this up on Monday, a day before news of the engagement broke. Perhaps Ponder can schedule his wedding for this Sunday at noon?
9. You have to know a thing or two about football to get this one...
8. KFAN's Paul Allen is as plugged in to the Vikings as it gets, so he was definitely trying to drop a hint when he offered up this plug for his interview with the Vikes QB yesterday morning:
7. The award for Meanest Ponder-Steele Engagement Tweet goes to ESPN 1500's Dana Wessel:
6. The Pioneer Press' Brian Murphy offered up this quintessential example of #HumbleBrag:

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