Porn Prom-hating Chairwoman Marjorie Holsten chasing MNGOP leadership spot

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Photo: Daily Show screenshot.
Holsten: Anti porn, Pro using guinea pigs to teach sex ed.
A loud critic of Tartan High School's not-to-be Porn Prom is eyeing a Minnesota GOP leadership spot.

Marjorie Holsten, currently Senate District 34 Chairwoman, is one of a handful of candidates in the running for the next Republican Party of Minnesota state chair, Politics in Minnesota reports.

Mike Stone asks more than 600 porn stars to prom
School superintendent to Mike Stone: No dice on porn star prom

You may recognize Holsten from her appearance on The Daily Show earlier this year. In the segment, Holsten, identified as a "concerned mother," denounced a young fellow named Mike Stone for attempting to bring porn star Megan Piper to his prom.

Holsten's argument against Porn Prom went something like this: Because Piper makes her living as a porn star, the young actress could not endure a limo ride -- let alone a full night of dancing -- without taking her clothes off and trying to seduce a bunch of high school kids.

"Megan Piper said, 'No, I'm not gonna take off my clothes and go butt naked,'" Holsten told The Daily show. "But it's like, that's what you do in your profession."

It goes on quite enjoyably from there:

As Bluestem Prairie blogger Sally Jo Sorenson points out, Holsten also appeared in this very strange personal endorsement for Tom Emmer a couple years ago:

We're still trying to confirm if she's the "Get-ready-for-a-surprise" lady from Total Recall:


-- Correction -- An earlier version of this post incorrectly identified Holsten's current office in the headline.

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swmnguy topcommenter

I really hope the MN GOP realize that this isn't the kind of leadership they need right now.  This is the kind of leadership they've already had, and it lost them both houses in St. Paul.

Curtis Meyer
Curtis Meyer

Prom is short for promenade, which is an archaic tradition where wealthy types tried to pawn their daughters off to the best mates (i.e. boys from wealthy families). It's a ridiculous tradition, and I applaud anyone who makes it even more ridiculous.


It sickens me that people like this exist, let alone participate in our government. Ugh.

Dee Gee
Dee Gee

Another shrill narrow minded prude.


@pthorn01 The video embed can be found about 1-2 inches below the paraphrase, depending on the size of your monitor. Thanks for reading.

CinBlueland topcommenter

@evikjames Ditto, she's a fringe twat.. Oh wait.. We should consider her.. Sheila Jakson Lee

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@CinBlueland   Voters please note the casual sexism that spews from the mouth of the typical Republican base voter.  Note how instead of admitting that Republicans have a problem with crazy people he pretends both sides do it equally.   Sexist stupidity and an inability to learn and change are why Republicans are unfit to be in charge of any part of government.  

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