Ricky Rubio's return, so far: Two games, two spectacular passes [VIDEOS]

rubio backyard wrestler rect.jpg
If you could pass the rock like Ricky, you'd flex too.
Ricky Rubio is back from his ACL injury and is doing his best Adrian Peterson impression.

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Okay, so Rubio hasn't been as impressive as All Day, but who could be? Nonetheless, just two games in, Ricky has already demonstrated he can still pass the ball like nobody's business.

Check out this ridiculous double through-the-legs dime Rubio dropped during the Wolves' Saturday night victory over Dallas:

Then, during last night's loss in Orlando, Rubio again used his seemingly supernatural court vision powers to thread a bounce pass between numerous defenders:

Unfortunately for fans who would love to watch Rubio on the same floor as LeBron James, the Wolves plan to hold Ricky out of tonight's tilt in Miami for precautionary reasons. But the Target Center faithful will get to see if he can continue his one-game-at-least-one-nasty-pass streak Thursday night when the Wolves take on Oklahoma City in a nationally televised game.

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MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Rubio is so awesome.  So fun to watch.

Dustin Haning
Dustin Haning

Also very solid on defense but he really needs to improve his shooting %. It was only 35% last year and it's not much better so far in these 2 games.

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