Target advertises on #savemi hashtag

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Pissed off about Michigan reducing the power of organized labor? Shop at Target!
As Michigan's House of Representatives debated and eventually passed two right-to-work bills reducing the power of organized labor today, people turned to Twitter for the latest analysis and developments.

-- Target defends Thanksgiving opening: "There are more volunteers than shifts to fill"
-- Target is actually cheaper than Wal-Mart, according to Bloomberg study

Much of the conversation coalesced around the #savemi hashtag. But something else awaited those who entered #savemi in their Twitter search bar -- namely, an ad from Target urging holiday shoppers to "Make them twice as happy" with buy-one-get-one offers on select toys.

Target's surprising ad placement was pointed out by Stacey Burns, who linked to the screengrab at the top of this post:No matter the motivation, it's the height of irony for a notoriously union-busting corporation to advertize on a hashtag popularized by folks pissed off about the Michigan legislature's union busting.

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It's misleading to post Stacey's tweet about Target "buying" the #savemi hastag. Target (apparently) ran a promotion on it, but they did not "buy" the hashtag, meaning they are running the hashtag as part of their own promotion - something that we seen a lot during the last presidential campaign.  Zipps Liquor and Mary Lockwood running ads on this page doesn't mean they "own" CityPages ... or do they?

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