The U of M's Rodney Williams Jr. is far and away the best dunker in Minnesota [VIDEOS]

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Image by Tatiana Craine
Rodney Williams Jr. is the best dunker Minneapolis has seen since Gerald Green.
Though it isn't always true that white men can't jump, it is the case that the Timberwolves' active roster features a collection of vertically challenged white guys (with a few exceptions, Derrick Williams and Dante Cunningham among them).

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But even if the Wolves had more guys with serious hops, the Best Dunker in Minnesota title would probably still reside in Williams Arena. Because over the past couple seasons -- and during the last month, in particular -- Gophers senior Rodney Williams Jr.'s series of sick throwdowns has started to turn heads nationally.

Williams Jr.'s 2012-13 highlight reel began late last month with this monster putback:

But he outdid himself with a breakaway 360 jam during Monday night's Gophers victory over North Dakota State -- a dunk that unfolded right as the announcers were praising Williams Jr.'s ridiculous leaping ability:

It's not like the crazy dunks Williams Jr. has unleashed this season come as a surprise, as the 6-7 forward has entire YouTube highlight reels dedicated to his 2011-12 exploits:

And as an added bonus, there's more to Williams Jr.'s game than crazy hops. During the Gophers 11-1 start to the season, he's averaging per-game career highs in points (13.4), rebounds (6.3), assists (2.1), blocks (1.6), and his stroke at the free-throw stripe has even come around (70 percent). Sure, fans love his dunks, but it's those sorts of numbers -- along with great length and an active presence on defense -- that puts a smile on Tubby Smith's face and gets scouts buzzing about Williams Jr.'s NBA potential.

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MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Love Rodney.  Fun player to watch.  I hope they keep running and gunning in the Big 10.

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