Theresa Navratil of Burnsville allegedly stabs man, says she wishes she was Newtown shooter

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Navratil told police she feels a kinship with Newtown shooter Adam Lanza.
We're not sure what's worse -- the crime Theresa Navratil allegedly committed the night of December 15 or what she told police afterward.

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Navratil, a 52-year-old Burnsville resident, is accused of stabbing a man who was trying to defend himself in the hand with a knife at the end of a drunken evening. After police tracked her down and were hauling her to the station, she told an officer to "die and burn in hell" and said she wished she had been Newtown school shooter Adam Lanza.

According to the criminal complaint, Navratil told cops she feels she understands Lanza. Let's hope she never feels that way while armed with something more deadly than a knife.

More from Burnsville Patch:
The victim said he and Navratil had been out drinking together earlier in the evening, and they began to argue on the way home. During that argument, she repeatedly tried to hit him in the face, told him she hated him and his family and threatened to kill him, the victim said.

The victim thought the argument had cooled by the time they got home, so he went to bed. Navratil began to hit him and scream obscenities at him, then got up and went to the kitchen, according to the complaint.

The victim followed Navratil to the kitchen, where she grabbed a knife from a drawer and brandished it at him. When he put up his left hand to block her, she cut him, according to the complaint.

The victim told Navratil that he was going to call police, and Navratil dropped the knife, got dressed and left. He said Navratil had stabbed him once before, but he didn't report it, and he told police that she gets violent only when she drinks.
The victim required stitches.

Navratil faces felony counts of third-degree assault and making terroristic threats, each carrying a maximum sentence of five years in prison. She also faces two misdemeanor domestic assault charges.

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Dog Gone
Dog Gone topcommenter

What a thrill for the unfortunate people who live next door to her.  She sounds like a terrible person; let us hope that the attention this gets in the media will embarrass her into cleaning up her act ---however unlikely that might be. We can hope...


That's a man baby, ....yeah.


This lady is obviously insane. Put her in a asylum on some mountain top in Tibet.

Pinko Thinker
Pinko Thinker

how often does this ugly, old witch gotta stab you before you take the goddam hint? scram!

Theresa Bruckner
Theresa Bruckner

"We're not sure what's worse -- the crime Theresa Navratil allegedly committed the night of December 15 or what she told police afterward." I'm going with the stabbing, myself.

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