Todd Hoffner cleared of child porn charges, but won't get MSU-Mankato coaching job back

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An MSU team mostly recruited by Hoffner went 13-1 last year while their coach battled child porn charges.
In November, a judge cleared accomplished MSU-Mankato football coach Todd Hoffner of felony child porn charges, ruling that the videos were "private, family speech." After he was charged in August, Hoffner was put on paid administrative leave and assistant Aaron Keen was named interim head coach.

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Hoffner has had a lot of success as MSU's coach, including a share of the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference title in 2011 and a coach of the year award in 2009, so it made sense that with his name cleared, he'd get his job back. But unjustly charged or not, MSU's administration has made clear they plan to go in a different direction.

From the Star Tribune:
Minnesota State University, Mankato, on Friday notified Todd Hoffner that he won't be reinstated to his job as head football coach there, weeks after he was cleared of pornography charges involving cellphone videos of his children.

The university informed Hoffner by letter that, effective immediately, he will be reassigned to a job as assistant athletic director for facilities development...

[Hoffner's] attorney, Chris Madel, said Hoffner doesn't intend to abide by the university's decision.

"We intend to fight the university until Mr. Hoffner is restored as head coach of the successful football team he created," Madel said.
In his first season as interim coach, Keen went 13-1, and the school said he'll remain on for now.

That's surely a tough pill to swallow for Hoffner, who pulled in $101,000 as head coach. But even though he was cleared of criminal wrongdoing, he may still be guilty of violating MSU's policies.

Hoffner initially came under criminal investigation after he brought his university-issued cell phone in to the school's IT department for repair. A worker who was transferring data from the defective phone to a computer saw the videos, was alarmed, and contacted his supervisor. The footage was eventually turned over to the Mankato Police Department.

Hoffner may have violated MSU policy by shooting the controversial home videos on school-issued property, the Strib reports, resulting in a 20 day suspension without pay that began earlier this month.

Is that enough to justify removing a successful coach from his job after he was hit with charges that didn't stick? If Hoffner's attorney is serious about fighting MSU in the courts until his client is reinstated, time will tell.

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