Top 25 tweets of about the end of the world

Surprise, we're all still here. While the Mayan calendar ended (without a bang or any fanfare, mind you) on Friday, we all went about our days as if it wasn't the end of days. From work to play and Facebook to Twitter, lots of people put their two cents in about the Armageddon-that-wasn't.

An avalanche of terrible jokes (and a few awesome ones) rolled onto social media channels, shared over and over, from end of the world confessions (Guess who shoved Regina George in front of a bus in Mean Girls? Hint: literally everyone) to collective ragging on the Mayans. Here are some of our favorite post-apocalyptic posts from the weekend.

It's okay, we weren't really hoping for you to be punctual.
Nice dig, Chuck.
Doesn't everybody?
True statement.
It might not have been the end of the world, but there weren't many signs of intelligent life on the internet...

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