Vikings LB Chad Greenway asks fans to get "super-duper drunk" before Sunday's game

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Greenway to Vikings fans attending Sunday's game: "Drink liquor, not beer."
With the Vikings at 6-6 and facing a do-or-die game this Sunday against Chicago, linebacker Chad Greenway is asking fans to make arrangements for a ride home from the Metrodome.

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Why, you ask? Because Greenway hopes they'll get "super-duper drunk" and rowdy before the game kicks off at noon in hopes the resulting noise will make life more difficult for the Bears.

From a column by the Star Tribune's Mark Craig:
"We have to play accordingly and our fans have to show up accordingly, which we know they will," he said after Sunday's loss at Green Bay. "Hopefully, they're super- duper drunk... So drink liquor, not beer."

Well, that's certainly not a PSA you see attached to a noon kickoff.

"Yeah, I would say morning drinking," Greenway said. "Why not? You could pull an all-nighter. Then you'd have the drunk, tired guys who will really be obnoxious."
Though Greenway presumably had his tongue planted deeply in his cheek when he said those things, the joke is lost on some.

For instance, Lars Leafblad, principal at KeyStone Search, offered up this response on Twitter: "Greenway cheering alcohol abuse by fans is wrong. He's pro-drunk driving, addiction, abuse? Sickening... Promoting alcohol abuse for those of us in recovery is no joke."

In fairness, it's not like NFL fans need extra encouragement to get rowdy . To take just one example, check out this video of a Bucs fans getting choked out by an MPD officer during a game at the Dome in October (the good stuff starts just after the four-minute mark):

Of course, if Vikings fans do take Greenway's advice, it could end up actually working against the home team. Because if newly engaged QB Christian Ponder turns in a performance anywhere near at wretched as the stinker he unleashed last Sunday in Green Bay, the Dome's drunken rowdiness will quickly turn against the Vikings.

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Tyler Chip Moody Suter
Tyler Chip Moody Suter

We are adults and should be held responsible for our own decisions; blaming Greenway for drunk driving is as ludicrous as blaming the Wilf's for selling beer at games.


Classy.  Yet another reason I'm super-excited about paying for the new bro-dome.

Tom Fru
Tom Fru

we can go to the looney bin together, bro

Dan Mccurdy
Dan Mccurdy

"He's pro-drunk driving, addiction, abuse? Sickening... Promoting alcohol abuse for those of us in recovery is no joke." - Lars Leafblad For Lars to make those assumptions, he obviously had a few before making the comment. Chad never said any of those things. If Lars needs a hand held in everything he does, here it is "Lars, don't drink. ever ,never ever, leave that to those who can interpret these actual harmless statements into what they really are - be rowdy."

Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams

OR, we could just tune out of the game this Sunday until we hear that Webb is starting.

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