Vikings rumored to be changing uniforms; more than 60 percent in favor [POLL RESULTS]

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vikes unis rect.jpeg
Rumor has it the Vikes might be switching from their current threads (right) to something more classic, maybe like Jim McMahon's early-'90s look?
ESPN thinks the Vikings' current uniform design is one of the ugliest in all of professional sports, and we'd have to agree. How is the current random-stripes-everywhere too-busy look in any way an improvement over the classic threads the Purple donned through 2005?

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So while it's just a rumor, it was good to read this morning that the Vikings are planning to introduce a new "retro" and "awesome" look next season.

From The Viking Age blog (link is in original post, though emphasis is mine):
File this under "completely unverified rumors." Sunday on a Dolphins site, a post was published about the alleged new Dolphins' logo. The blogger's source on this story was a friend of his who works for Nike and has seen some new logo and uniform designs. Most of the way down the post the writer drops in a line from his friend about the new uniforms for another NFL team. Quoting in full:

Other bits of information I got from my source is that the Dolphins will not have an orange jersey next year and that the Vikings new uniforms are retro and "awesome."
Yesterday, we asked you to weigh in on the rumor via a poll posing this question: "Are you in favor of the Vikings changing their look?" Here are the results:

vikings uni chart.jpeg
Graphic by Tatiana Craine

In sum, more than 60 percent of respondents would like to see the Vikes unveil new uniforms for the 2013 season. If it ain't broke -- as was the case with the Purple's threads in 2005 -- there's no need to fix it, but it appears that in this case, change is for the better (in the fashion department, at least). 

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