Wanna be a Crashed Ice athlete? The extreme sport is now a video game featuring St. Paul [IMAGES]

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Xbox Kinect and Ryan Siverson for City Pages
You can now be as crazy as the athletes on the right, from the warmth of your living room.
Last year, 80,000 people gathered around the St. Paul Cathedral to watch international athletes tear down the city's streets on skates, slam into each other, hurtle over drops, and generally jockey to win the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship.

Now, just in time for the event to return for its second year here, Xbox has turned it -- and St. Paul -- into a video game.

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Wannabe downhill ice cross skaters can now adopt a cartoon avatar and choose a wintery city from a list of actual Crashed Ice tour locations: Valkenburg, Netherlands; Are, Sweden; Munich, Germany; Quebec City, Canada.

Unfortunately Duluth, home of 2003 and 2004 events, didn't make the cut. But St. Paul, the only other U.S. city to host a championship game, did, and familiar landmarks like the Minnesota History Center and the Cathedral make appearances for authenticity points.

Even without them, though, the game would feel pretty real. Pioneer Press writer Julio Ojeda-Zapata filmed himself playing, and sandwiched the video between actual 2012 footage. Xbox's version doesn't look that far off.
Xbox Kinect and Ryan Siverson for City Pages
Which is which? If not for the rings of fire, might be hard to tell.
The game runs on Xbox Live Arcade, and uses motion-sensing Kinect gear, which means that players should be prepared to thrash across their living rooms. In order to get it, you'll need an Xbox 360 and 400 Microsoft points (i.e. $5), though a trailer and trial game come free.

Back in non-digital news, the 2013 World Championships have already kicked off. Round one of five took place over the weekend, and Kyle Croxall, last year's overall champ, claimed the first victory.

The games continue in St. Paul on January 26, and probably warrant the same warning that comes with the new Xbox video game -- "Mild Violence" expected.

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