Adrian Peterson talks about double-sided scooby snacks in "NFL: A Bad Lip Reading" [VIDEO]

AP BLR rect.jpg
AP: "Egg roll. I wish I had a breeze running down my leg. I'd kill for a cookie."
Adrian Peterson's postgame interview following his beastly performance during the Vikings dramatic December win over Green Bay leads off the latest Bad Lip Reading video.

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Do you vaguely recall that AP said some things about "nine yards what?" and winning? Watch and listen again -- he was really sounding off on eggrolls and sting rays.

Here's the footage, which we won't bother transcribing since the humor is lost without the video (AP's bit is right at the beginning):

Double-sided scooby snack? Sounds vaguely performance enhancing... hmm... maybe that explains AP's unprecedented comeback from ACL surgery?

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