Allen Quist and his dinosaur aren't riding off just yet: He's running for open House seat

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Ken Avidor
Headed for the sunset after November's election, Quist turned around his dinosaur and is poised for a surprising political encore.
After Allen Quist lost to Tim Walz in November, we eulogized his three-decade career in Minnesota politics with a post entitled, "Allen Quist rides into the sunset on dinosaur he believes lived concurrently with humans."

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Turns out we spoke too soon. Friday, Quist announced he's running for the state House seat vacated by the sudden resignation of Terry Morrow, D-St. Peter.

In a press release announcing his decision, Quist, 68, plays up his record of bipartisanship during his last term in the legislature, citing his close collaboration during the 1980s with then-Governor Rudy Perpich on a bill that created Minnesota's Department of Jobs and Training.

Rudy Perpich? Maybe Quist isn't just blowing smoke when he says humans lived at the same time as dinosaurs.

Quist is competing with Jim Golgart for the MNGOP endorsement in the upcoming special election. The endorsement convention is scheduled for this Thursday evening, and if the battle between Quist and Golgart is anything like the epic, inconclusive struggle waged between Quist and Mike Parry last spring, then you might want to consider swinging down to the Nicollet County Republican Party meeting for an unforgettable evening of political theater.

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