Amy Klobuchar is second most popular Senator in the entire country

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In these polarized times, Klobuchar enjoys a remarkable amount of bipartisan support.
In the holy trinity of things popular in Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar is right up there with hotdish and Prince, apparently.

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According to Public Policy Polling's breakdown of every U.S. Senator's popularity, Klobuchar is the second most popular Senator in the entire country, trailing only Republican John Barrasso, the junior Senator from Wyoming.

In fairness, Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye also enjoys a wider favorable-unfavorable split, but he died last month.

Here's PPP's list of the most popular senators (PPP ranks by lowest unfavorable percentage -- Klobuchar is second most popular in terms of favorable-unfavorable split):

klobuchar popularity.JPG

Those numbers will only contribute to recent speculation -- fueled by the Washington Post's political blog -- that Klobuchar is a darkhorse 2016 presidential candidate.

Senator Al Franken has a solid 52 percent approval rating, but his 41 percent unfavorable mark is also relatively high, so he ends up ranking in the middle of the list.

Meanwhile, Gov. Mark Dayton is one of the 20 most popular governors in the country, though he's nowhere near as popular as Klobuchar:

dayton popularity.JPG

In sum, it looks like big things could be in store for the 52-year-old Klobuchar, while Dayton and Franken, at the least, have solid cushions of support heading into their 2014 reelection campaigns.

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