Amy Koch owns bowling alley, says "I really like the people I have working for me"

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If Koch hadn't liked her employee so much last time around, she might still be running the MNGOP's Senate contingent instead of a bowling alley.
Much like her paramour Michael Brodkorb did in October, Amy Koch did the media rounds last week and gave interviews about her December 2011 ouster as Senate Majority Leader to MinnPost, the Star Tribune, the AP, and anybody on the street who would listen.

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Koch also talked about what she's been up to since exiting political life. Believe it or not, she now owns and operates Maple Lake Bowl & Pines Bar and Grill north of Buffalo.

Asked about her bowling business by MinnPost, Koch offered up this uncomfortable-in-light-of-recent-history quote: "I don't bowl, but I really like the people I have working for me." Yikes!

Even after doing three interviews, Koch still apparently felt compelled to release a statement in which she takes more shots at Senator David Hann, former Senator Geoff Michel, and the MNGOP in general. Here it is:

After news of her affair with Brodkorb went public, Koch and her husband divorced. So it's not surprising that during her spate of interviews, she was asked whether she's still seeing Brodkorb, who was critically injured in a car accident last week but is recovering. And it's also not surprising that Koch isn't willing to spill any beans about her dating life.

"I know you have to ask, but I don't answer that question either way," Koch told the AP.

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