Amy Koch tweets update about Michael Brodkorb's condition

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:::: FROM EARLIER TODAY: Michael Brodkorb critically injured in one-car crash; alcohol detected on his breath ::::

Amy Koch, who resigned her senate leadership position in the wake of revelations about her affair with Michael Brodkorb, is tweeting updates to his condition after a car accident last night left him in critical condition.

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Brodkorb crashed his 2004 Suburu Forester into the wall of the Minnesota 13 bridge at about 9:15 p.m. last night. Alcohol was detected on his breath and it is believed he may have been driving home from a Minnesota Government Relations Council "Get to Know You" session at The Amsterdam Bar and Grill.

Here's the somewhat cryptic tweet, which suggests Brodkorb is still unconscious but expected to make a full recovery:
Brodkorb is embroiled in a wrongful termination lawsuit he filed against the Senate last summer. As of earlier this month, legal fees pertaining to the lawsuit had already surpassed $200,000.

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digitalprotocol topcommenter


except for the fact he drives a suburu forrester-- emabarrasing!

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Good news.  He will be free to drive drunk and commit adultery again.  Maybe next time he can kill a kid or something driving drunk.


"Brodkorb crashed his 2004 Suburu Forester into the walk of the Minnesota 13..." - "Walk"?

Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams

Better add another $5000 for legal fees for his new DWI.

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