Andy Driscoll, KFAI host, duped by The Onion's "Drone Flyover" inauguration photo [IMAGE]

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the onion drones rect.jpg
Drones are scary, but they aren't yet this scary.
Good satire is based on truth, but isn't truthful in and of itself. This is an important distinction to keep in mind lest you end up making the mistake KFAI host Andy Driscoll made yesterday.

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On Facebook, Driscoll -- a St. Paul resident who hosts KFAI's TruthToTell show show on Monday mornings -- shared an ominous looking photo of a drone flyover during Monday's inaugural festivities in Washington, D.C. He wasn't aware that the image was actually photoshopped by The Onion until he was alerted by a commenter on the Facebook thread.

Here's Driscoll's Facebook post:

andy driscoll drones.jpg

In a comment further down the thread, Driscoll writes that he's "Never seen three [drones] in a cluster formation like that, but they're obviously scanning the crowd for potential trouble - all monitored by a site in Las Vegas."

Then came this comment:

driscoll drones cap 1.jpg

The link in the comment takes you to this Onion post:

drones onion.jpg

But while acknowledging his error in later comments, Driscoll still argued that the image, cropped or not, is deeply meaningful:

driscoll drones cap 2.jpg

Drone photos -- they're tricky business. And we should know, seeing as how we've been fooled before too (though, in fairness to ourselves, not to the extent Driscoll was).

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