Armed standoff on NE Pierce Street: Man dead of self-inflicted gunshot

Categories: Crime

Many people who were out and about this Friday night inadvertently ran into an ongoing armed standoff on the 2400 block of NE Pierce Street.

Police are responding to a report of a suicidal man with a weapon. There are no hostages, and negotiators are talking to the man in the hopes of finding a peaceful resolution.

Here are some tweets from a neighbor that shed more light on the situation:

UPDATE: The man has been found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Although officers initially made contact with him, he was unresponsive and then commited suicide.

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Rm Frankenstein Hanson
Rm Frankenstein Hanson

Holy SHIT. My fiance and I just moved to south from a house on that stretch of street, have they released the address at which this took place?

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