Bloomington PD on drunken bro's "blue blood" claim: "You will not ever have 'blue blood'"

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Bloomington PD to Severson: "We are a proud professional Police Department and we will not tolerate our reputation being tarnished by your stupid actions and hurtful words."
Yesterday, we told you about Andrew Severson's drunken Saturday night SuperAmerica tirade -- a tirade that resulted in him being banned from SAs for a year.

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According to the police report, the scene began with Severson berating a cab driver and ended with him accusing a Minneapolis cop of not living up to his code of conduct. Severson told the cop he has an uncle who is a sergeant on the Bloomington PD, adding that he has "blue blood" flowing through his veins.

That last claim upset Donald Rix, president of the Bloomington Police Officers Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #21, who wrote an open letter to Severson via City Pages.

Here's what Rix had to say:

There is an Officer Todd Severson on the Bloomington force, but Rix, asked if Todd is related to Andrew, said he is not.

"At this point Mr. Andrew C Severson goes unclaimed," Rix added.

We've gotten in touch with Andrew and asked if he'd be willing to talk to us and share his side of the story about what happened at SuperAmerica. Though he's upset about our blog post and doesn't think the Minneapolis cop's version of what went down that night is completely accurate, he declined a chance to set the record straight.

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