CC Club sold to French Meadow, but don't expect to find organic beer there

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Hopefully the new owners bring back the old rockin' CD jukebox.
News that the French Meadow was on the cusp of buying the CC Club was the worst kept secret ever, and earlier this week, a source told City Pages that news of the sale would be announced to employees during a Wednesday afternoon staff meeting.

-- French Meadow buys CC Club parking lot, but owner Lynn Gordon says bar isn't closing
-- CC Club owner dispels rumors, says bar is not being sold or closing

Yesterday, in hopes of confirming the sale before the meeting, we called Linda Rauen, one of the CC Club's three co-owners. Suffice it to say she wasn't interested in talking.

"I don't think it's any of your business whether we're having a staff meeting or not!" she snapped. "Stop calling!"

A day later, official word of the sale comes via a French Meadow press release:

Press Release
January 17, 2013
For Immediate Release

Prohibition - Followed by 78 years of the CC Club

The CC Club has been a part of the Minneapolis bar scene since the 1930's. After 28 years, owners Mo & Sharon Emard and Linda Rauen are selling the neighborhood cultural icon and retiring.

Owners of the neighboring French Meadow Bakery & Café, Lynn Gordon and Steve Shapiro, in a transaction to secure parking for their guests, are purchasing the Legendary CC Club and the coveted parking lot that adjoins French Meadow.

"We view the CC Club as a neighborhood landmark supported by a loyal clientele and a dedicated staff, some of whom have worked at the bar for over 30 years," shares French Meadow's Gordon. "We plan to maintain and continue the CC's traditions, and the best way we thought we could do this was to continue neighborhood ownership. This will assure that 26th and Lyndale remains the home to both these unique businesses."
In other words, the dive bar that inspired this timeless song will continue to anchor 26th and Lyndale:

Sometimes, change isn't good, especially when it could involve the closure of one of Minneapolis' most legendary bars. So we're glad to report that the CC will remain open for business and beers, even if we had to take some grief while trying to scoop the story a day early.

Location Info

C.C. Club

2600 S. Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Music

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be sweet if nothing changed but the plumbing.

CinBlueland topcommenter

Now where will we go to mock hipsters?!  Well maybe they can turn it into a Dunn Bro's


I would be skeptical of it staying the CC club we know.   The owners of French Meadows also bought the lot across the street years ago when it was Rex Hardware ( I was a cashier at Rex). They said they thought the neighborhood needed a hardware store and that it would stay a hardware store.  It didn't take long before it was planned to be Condo's. Then the housing bubble burst.  Now it's a patch of grass and gravel.  

   a link to the truth..

digitalprotocol topcommenter

staff meeting HAHAHA more like a meeting about heroin

Mark Schanzenbach
Mark Schanzenbach

I don't understand all these reactions. Is everyone only reading the headline? The bar isn't going anywhere and it will remain locally owned. This is neutral news at worst, and I think it sounds great!

Ryan Ojard
Ryan Ojard

Does this mean they are gonna finally change their tap lines?


WTF!  Every place that has helped to make Minneapolis unique over the past decades have disappeared or about to disappear.  Soon, the only characteristic that will separate Minneapolis from the likes Edina, St. Louis Park, Maple Grove, etc... is its skyline. 


"Mr. Whirly" also refers to the CC Club, and it captures all the ... well, all the stuff that makes the CC the CC.

Nick Hammer
Nick Hammer

How dare reporters try to ask people involved in a story questions!

Becky Bu
Becky Bu

Sad to see that legendary bar go. We've lost Mars Bar in the East Village and now CC Club is leaving Uptown. Minneapolitans can take comfort in the fact that at least CC Club won't be replaced by condos. That's what now occupies the corner where Mars Bar used to be.

Lisa B Braaten
Lisa B Braaten

It's good that they are keeping it the same old dive bar!


@mspmidway What a silly sweeping generalization.Really, "every place"? Look, businesses come and go. Is there some evil-doer force closing your favorite businesses? Is change bad?

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