Chris Kluwe on The Colbert Report [VIDEO]

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Kluwe explaining punting to Colbert: "Unfortunately, when I play well, that's usually a sign the team is not playing well."
While hyping Chris Kluwe's appearance on his show last night, Stephen Colbert ticked off the Vikings punter's eclectic interests -- football, World of Warcraft, and gay marriage among them.

-- Chris Kluwe is one of GQ's "Honorary Gays of the Year"
-- Chris Kluwe is Salon's Sexiest Man of 2012

"Wow, it's pretty brave for an NFL player to admit he's a punter," Colbert quipped.

The yuk-yuks only continued from there, with a flip flops-wearing Kluwe telling Colbert he's pleased to report that "with the defeat of the marriage amendment in Minnesota, I have seen zero cockmonsters running around in the streets." Depends how you define it, we suppose.

Without further ado, here's footage of Minnesota's favorite punter making his Comedy Central debut:

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