Christian Oberender, convicted murderer, wrote note: "I think about killing all the time"

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Christian Oberender murdered his mom, but still writes to her about his homicidal impulses.
When Christian Oberender was 14, he murdered his mother with a shotgun. Eighteen years later, released from prison and a civil commitment stint, he's been spending his days shooting guns in the back yard of the Watertown home where he killed her.

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Neighbors were understandably concerned and made repeated calls to police in hopes they'd do something. Oberender was eventually arrested for being a convicted felon in possession of 13 guns and a bunch of ammunition, KARE reports.

But scarier than that is a note, entitled "Dear Mom," penned by Oberender and found in his bedroom by investigators. Here's an excerpt:
I feel the good part of me fade away. I don't know how long I can hold it in for. I think about killing all the time ... The monster want out. I know what happens when he comes out. He only been out one time and someone die ... The monster want to hurt people. There is so much pain in my heart and soul. Me want others to feel it.
In our post-Newtown world, David Marlette, superintendent of Watertown-Mayer schools, told KARE he's going to keep a very close watch on Oberender's case.

"I need to know about these things... Whatever happens I'm going to want to know," he said.

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