Christian Ponder's arm looks pretty nasty [PHOTO]

ponder arm injury.jpeg
Shari Gross on Twitter
Not your run-of-the-mill bruise.
When Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder surprisingly sat out Saturday's game with a mysterious arm injury, it was inevitable that Purple observers would question his toughness.

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After all, Ponder, who got hurt when his throwing arm banged into a Green Bay player during the first half of the last regular season game at the Metrodome, played effectively while closing out that victory. With the season on the line on Saturday, the thinking was that Christian would surely suck it up and play. After all, isn't that what the Ol' Gunslinger would do?

Well, Ponder didn't play, and by now we all now how well the Joe Webb experiment turned out. But a photo taken by the Star Tribune's Shari Gross (visible above) suggests Ponder wasn't lying when he told 1500 ESPN on Saturday night he wasn't capable of doing anything more than lobbing the football.

Ponder's nasty bruise brings back memories of how Brett Favre's ankle looked after the Vikings last playoff loss -- the controversial and heartbreaking 2009 season NFC Championship Game in New Orleans.

The visual evidence is prompting some fans -- such as Brian Riesgraf, the photographer who brought us one of the most memorable images of the 2012 Vikings season -- to take back their criticism of Christian's toughness.

Today, Ponder said his range of motion is already noticeably better than it was Sunday. He's expected to make a full recovery without needing surgery.

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He's such a candy ass for not playing.  And Frazier is incompetent as a coach for not having a qualified backup quarterback ready to go.  For all those saying  it was ok to lose because we weren't going to win the Super Bowl anyway, well go piss up a rope.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

get some better writers JERKS

i can freelance for you and dig up some real salacious shit

TheConservativeJerk topcommenter

What the hell?

Oh, boo flipping hoo; I make 5 million a year and look at these terrible scratches I got while on the job.
So much for being a “warrior”…

Dee Finkelson
Dee Finkelson

whatever!! me n hubby thought the same thing. Ponder was freak out of playing Packers at their circus tent Limbo so he used his 'nuthin' elbow injury as a lame excuse! He played progressively better n even good last week then here came wild card playoffs we had The Spider Webb!!!!! Thank God we're a loyal fans that always think its just a game n there always be next yr. But 1 time superbowl thropy will make us more proud in tears...

Mark Whalen
Mark Whalen

jus an excuse not to play .. FAVRE played half dead in his career ,goodgrief!

Alli Sullivan
Alli Sullivan

this reminds me a lot of Cutler's sprained uterus.

Joe Strom
Joe Strom

It looks like he slept on it.


@TheConservativeJerk If the guys arm doesn't work, it DOESN'T WORK. I'm going to go out on a limb and say you have never had the sort of sports injury that makes part of your body just not work no matter how much pain you can bear.

[Insert TCJ penis joke here]

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