Coffee shop first date live-tweeted by City Pages blogger, hilarity ensues

Categories: Overheard
dailylifeofmojo on Flickr
Names, the location, and this blogger's sense of privacy have been withheld.
Last night, yours truly was chilling out at his favorite coffee joint when an attractive blonde sat down at the neighboring table.

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She looked like she was waiting for someone, and lo and behold, about 15 minutes later a young man walked in, head swiveling from side to side in hopes of finding his date as un-awkwardly as possible. The two made eye contact, greeted each other, shared an awkward hug, then settled in for an experience that's both exciting and somewhat dreadful -- an internet-facilitated first date.

Sitting three feet away in the relatively quiet coffee shop, I couldn't help but overhear each and every word uttered over the next few hours. And I couldn't resist the urge to share the experience with the Twitterverse.

Here's what followed:

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