Dave Cossetta, owner of Cossetta's, sucker punched during parking lot dispute

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You can't beat Cossetta's Italian food, but Segermark (pictured) allegedly beat Cossetta's owner.
Dave Cossetta, owner of Cossetta's Italian restaurant in St. Paul near the Xcel Energy Center -- also known as this guy's favorite lasagna place -- got served a knuckle sandwich Friday morning.

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Police say Cossetta, 56, was sucker punched by 21-year-old Erik Segermark after he confronted Segermark about parking in the restaurant's lot without paying.

From the Pioneer Press' Mara Gottfried: The Star Tribune reports that Cossetta "came away slightly injured."

Segermark was booked into jail on suspicion of fifth-degree assault, but hadn't yet been charged with a crime as of early this afternoon.

Cossetta's recently completed an expansion project including the opening of Louis Ristorante, a sit-down restaurant that received high marks from The Hot Dish's Joy Summers. Considering Summers' glowing review and my fondness for Cossetta's eats, Segermark's knuckle sandwich is likely the worst thing served on the property in quite some time.

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