David Pillatzki Jr. faces felony for Facebook video of himself shooting a gun

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Trolling Facebook: Law enforcement's newest weapon in the War on Dumb Criminals.
Watch what you post on Facebook, kids -- especially if you've been previously convicted of a violent felony.

-- Clinton Corry went berserk when ex-girlfriend blocked him on Facebook, charges say
-- Michael Hamer used Facebook to solicit Twin Cities little leaguers for sex, police say

Brooten resideent David Pillatzki Jr. faces two charges, including one felony, for hosting a video of himself shooting an AR-15 type rifle on his Facebook page. That's not a crime in and of itself, but it is when you're banned from possessing firearms.

From McClatchy-Tribune Information Services:
According to the complaint on the gun charges, a CEE-VI [Drug Task Force] agent located a video clip on Pillatzki's Facebook page in December that showed Pillatzki firing a semi-automatic assault-type rifle in a rural setting.

Investigations say Pillatzki told them that he shot the rifle, an M16 or AR-15 type rifle, at a rural area near Hawick in the summertime and that someone recorded the activity and posted it on the social networking site...

Pillatzki Jr., 36, made his first court appearance Thursday on one felony count of possession of a pistol or assault weapon after conviction of a violent crime and one gross misdemeanor count of possession of a weapon after a felony conviction.
In 1996, Pillatzki Jr. was convicted of second-degree burglary, and he's been banned from possessing guns since.

If Pillatzki Jr. really couldn't help but share footage of himself shooting a rifle with family and friends, he at least should've clamped down on his profile so law enforcement officials who clearly had it out for him couldn't see it. Then again, if he's dumb enough to have the video on his profile and thereby land himself in prison, we doubt he'd have much luck navigating Facebook's labyrinthian privacy settings in the first place.

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CGI,I've seen the video,it's a hoax. There was no gun involved. Some special effects and David is getting harassed by the man.


Im glad. We need to weed out idiots like this from the human race. Have fun in prison.



Excuse me , you don't even know him to say hes an idiot ! Your the idiot who believes everything he reads or hears!! Oh and in Prison , Im sure youd make some onea nice bitch! You couldn't handle it!

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