Diane Hofstede claims council colleagues are hating because she supported Vikings stadium

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Hofstede's reelection is opposed by four of her colleagues, supported by three others.
Diane Hofstede is a polarizing figure. Yesterday, four of her colleagues on the Minneapolis City Council openly opposed her reelection in a press release distributed by her opponent, Jacob Frey. Today, three of her colleagues (Barbara Johnson, Don Samuels, and Meg Tuthill) responded by publicly supporting her.

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Gary Schiff cited Hofstede's alleged unwillingness to return calls as one reason he's backing Frey. But Hofstede thinks the core reason Schiff and three other council members oppose her reelection boils down to her support for the Vikings stadium.

From MPR:
"These are four people who did not support the stadium, and I know this is politics," Hofstede said.

Hofstede was part of the slim, seven-vote majority that last year approved using city sales tax dollars to subsidize the new stadium.

A Frey campaign press release announcing the endorsements made no mention of the stadium vote or of Hofstede.
Of course, one thing working against Hofstede's theory is that she was unpopular with her colleagues years before the Vikings stadium drama unfolded last spring.

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If the best reason Hofstede can think of for why people oppose her is that she wasted hundreds of millions of tax dollars on a corporate welfare project for a business that's only open 10 days per year, she should keep guessing.

Branden Strot
Branden Strot

get over it diane. not everyone is going to like you.

Matt Touchette
Matt Touchette

The Viking's stadium issue is probably part of it, but I would guess that it's the whole of her politics and differing opinions that have caused the four council members to oppose her re-election. I'm sure there are other council members who would receive similar treatment if the right person were to run against them.

Adam Klugherz
Adam Klugherz

Good. She and everyone else that supported the stadium being built by tax dollars need to go. At the same time as we're cutting every sort of funding a society actually needs like schools and infrastructure, this ass clown hands millions in tax dollars to a profitable multi-billion dollar corporation... The worst part? The Vikings aren't even a good football team... Why the hell do we care about keeping them here?

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