Don Samuels announces bid for mayor

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Don Samuels is the third councilmember vying for R.T. Rybak's soon-to-be vacant seat.
North side City Councilmember Don Samuels officially announced his bid for Minneapolis mayor at a press conference Wednesday, making him the third on the council vying for the spot.

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Originally from Jamaica, Samuels joined the City Council in 2003, and touts safety, jobs, and housing is his greatest priorities. He is also founder of the Northside Achievement Zone, a nonprofit aiming to end violence in the area.

Samuels is adored by many in north Minneapolis for his work combatting crime in the neighborhood, but he's also attracted plenty of critics in his time on the council. In 2007, a group of residents called for his resignation after Samuels said in an interview with David Brauer for Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine: "I've said burn North High School down! I can't be paying for the education of my neighbors and 72 percent of them are failing - meaning black boys."

According the Star Tribune, Samuels vowed to reduce Minneapolis's crime rate below any other major U.S. city's at yesterday's press conference. Fellow councilmembers Gary Schiff and Betsy Hodges have also announced candidacy for mayor.

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As was clear from the DFL convention. Don Samuels is not the guy the DFL wants as mayor. He was second to the last and was behind Cherryholmes. For all his speech making and vigils, his time is up. The people are wise to his rhetoric and will send him packing after the elections in November. "Dump Don"!!

Timothy Frankland
Timothy Frankland

The North side needs a representative who is young, intelligent, and deeply committed to its various communities.  I can't imagine a better potential candidate than Blong Yang given the great work he has done in the community and the wonderful grassroots work he did in the County Commissioner District 2 campaign last year.

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