High school wrestler crushed by falling light fixture during match, survives [VIDEO]

wrestler light fixture rect.jpg
McComish is lucky he only needed a few stitches (left) after a light fixture fell on him (right).
Madison, South Dakota high school wrestler Michael McComish has got to be feeling both unlucky and lucky these days.

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Unlucky because last Friday, a huge light fixture fell from the rafters during a match and landed directly on him. But lucky because he somehow wasn't injured badly and, as indicated by his Twitter account, has been reveling in the 15 minutes of fame generated by the hard-to-believe video of the incident.

Here's the footage (the light fixture crashes down around the 55-second mark):

Afterward, McComish first took to Twitter to update people about his condition and share the photo of the gash on his head at the top of this page: Then, after the video made it on SportsCenter's Top 10, McComish's 15 minutes of fame began: Unfortunately, it didn't go exactly as he hoped: But McComish was apparently interviewed for a segment that ran on Fox News, which prompted him to retweet this: In any event, in this case, the line between tragedy and celebrity was terrifyingly thin.

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