Judge orders Wisconsin deadbeat dad to use worst pickup line ever

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"Hey baby, you're looking good tonight... by the way, I have to tell you I'm a convicted felon who didn't pay my child support for four months a couple years ago."

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Sound awkward? It's supposed to, and it's the pickup line a Hayward, Wisconsin resident named John Butler has to use for the next couple years thanks to a judge's ruling.

Judge Eugene Harrington sentenced Butler, 28, to two years of probation for felony failure to pay more than four months of child support of 2011, with one romance-killing condition. The Duluth News Tribune explains:
Judge Eugene Harrington also ordered that John J. Butler reveal within three minutes of meeting any female that he is a convicted felon and has unpaid child support...

Butler was ordered to not father any children until all of his past-due support has been paid [It's unclear how many children he already has].

Butler has a long history with the courts, including cases involving drugs, domestic violence, and drinking and driving.
In Weird Wisconsin, there's actually a precedent for breeding-ban sentences of this sort. For instance, in December, Corey Curtis -- father of nine children by six different women -- was ordered to stop having kids until he pays the $90,000 in child support he owed. But as the Tribune notes, Judge Harrington's "requirement that Butler announce his status to new female acquaintances seems to be a new twist."

I's certainly an uncomfortable disclaimer to have to include in the "About Me" section of one's OKCupid profile, but assuming Butler's abides to the judge's order, at least the next woman Butler knocks up will know what she's getting into before she gets into it with him.

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This is completely unenforceable, and smacks of grandstanding.


you never know he may find true love LMAO

FREEDOM_STARTS_W_US like.author.displayName 1 Like

why is the govt even involved in whether or not that person pays for their child's life; may be the woman should have picked a better mate

royx0051 like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

@FREEDOM_STARTS_W_US  I think because child support is suposed to be for the childs best intrest and so the goverment dosent have to pay for the child!!!duh!!!!! I am not saying this because I can or do collect child support cause I dont!!!

klj3577 like.author.displayName 1 Like

How will they enforce that??


@klj3577 it would be interesting to know details but I think it was a catch phrase to the article of regular shit that happens every day (dad ordered to pay child support)---can you believe the jokesters we have working for the U.S.A or in this case Wisconsin courts!!!

MarkM15 like.author.displayName 1 Like

Three minutes?  He'll already be done by then.

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