Kaleb Brush arrested after posting "i'm gonna kill my dad i promise you" on Facebook

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Police later found Brush (pictured) arguing with his dad with a large knife in his pocket.
Kaleb Brush faces a disorderly conduct while armed charge after informing the Facebook universe he was about to kill his father.

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Brush and his dad got into an argument about Kaleb's drinking at a LaCrosse bar earlier in the morning on December 30, then went their separate ways, police say. When Kaleb got home, he was still fuming and decided it was a good idea to post a status update that landed him in jail later that morning.

Here's the status where Brush made his threat, along with some responses from his Facebook friends:


Just minutes later, Brush posted another update:

The La Crosse Tribune provides some background about why Brush was angry with his pops, along with details about how authorities and Brush's father responded to Kaleb's Facebook threat:
Officers found Brush and his father arguing in the entryway of their home at 1311 North St. about 3:30 a.m. Brush had a kitchen knife with a 4 1/2-inch blade in his pocket, reports stated. Police arrested him for disorderly conduct while armed.

Brush's father told police he stopped his son from joining a fight at a North Side bar before the two began arguing about drinking, reports stated. Brush's father went to another bar while his son returned home and posted the threat online, reports stated...

Brush later told police he carries the knife for protection. His father said he wasn't concerned and that he planned to throw away a victim's rights and statement forms from police.

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