Lily the black bear gives birth to two cubs live on webcam [VIDEO]

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Lily looks tired after giving birth to two cubs.
Early Saturday morning, internet sensation Lily the black bear gave birth to two cubs at the North American Bear Center in the woods near Ely, Minnesota.

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And as was the case the last time she gave birth in 2011, the cubs first moments were broadcast across the world via webcam.

Here's the footage:

Those who couldn't follow along on the webcam could stay abreast thanks to colorful updates on Lily's Facebook page:

lily birth FB 1.jpeg
lily birth FB 2.jpeg
The Duluth News Tribune provides some context about the births:
Lily, who is now 6 years old, gave birth to one cub just before 1 a.m. Saturday, and the other 20 minutes later. Newborn cubs typically weigh about a pound and are about nine inches long, the Bear Center reported in its news release. Cubs' eyes usually remain closed until early March...

The camera in Lily's den is one of two that researchers have placed into dens near Ely this winter. The other, in the den of Lily's sister, Jewel, shows her with yearling cubs Fern and Herbie.

The cubs born Saturday have not yet been named. In past years, the Bear Center has held a "name-the-cub" contest in the months after the cubs were born.
Let's hope that neither of the newborns meet the same fate as Hope. Lily gave birth to Hope live on webcam in 2010, but in September 2011, Hope disappeared. Although what happened to her wasn't initially clear, one bear hunter surmised she'd been killed by a hunter and joked, "Who's making hope jerky this weekend?" The next day, news of Hope's death at the hands of a hunter was confirmed.

But for now, Lily's fans and employees at the Bear Center are simply rejoicing the healthy birth of two cubs. A Saturday post on Ely's Wildlife Research Institute's blog notes that the cubs' voices "are getting stronger and stronger as the hours go by... Lily has been hunkered down over them, warming them with her breath."

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