Man rips $15k diamond ring from clerk's hand at Coon Rapids jewelry store, gets away [VIDEO]

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Seconds later, the suspect (right) broke the clerk's finger while ripping a diamond ring out of her hand.
Coon Rapids police and the Anoka County Sheriff's Office are looking for a man who got away with a brazen robbery around 4:30 Sunday afternoon at Kay Jewelers in Coon Rapids.

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From a sheriff's office release: "Upon requesting to see a particular engagement ring for closer inspection, the suspect, described as a white male in his early to mid twenties[,] struggled with the sales clerk and forcefully took the ring from her and fled out the door on foot."

He made off with a 1.6-carat Leo diamond ring worth more than $15,000, the Star Tribune reports.

From a second sheriff's department statement released this afternoon:
We now have available the video of the actual robbery taking place and we are requesting assistance from the public in identifying the suspect in this case. The employee of the store has a broken finger as a result of the robbery. Witnesses saw the suspect flee the area in a Toyota Celica, white in color. The suspect has been described as a White Male, 18-25 years in age, approximately 5' 9" tall, clean shaven with shorter sandy blonde hair.

The case continues to be investigated by the Coon Rapids Police Department and the Anoka County Sheriff's Office. Anyone with information is asked to call (763) 427-1212.
Here's footage of the robbery (first published on Fridley Patch):

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