Maple Grove hockey player says he graduated from the "college of porn"

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Maple Grove has played three games since suspensions for 13 players were announced, some of them lasting four games.
The Facebook profile of a junior player on the Maple Grove High School boys hockey team said he graduated from the "college of porn" and works at the Chippendales Strip Club in Las Vegas. His profile was changed over the weekend and the porn and Chippendales references were removed.

-- Maple Grove High School hockey scandal: Rumored player sex tape called "The Show"
-- Maple Grove high school hockey scandal reportedly involved player sex tape [UPDATE]

Boys being boys? Maybe. But it's certainly a regrettable social media presence for a player on a team that's been in the news for a sex tape-related scandal.

Here's a screengrab of the player's Facebook page taken last Friday:


On January 18, Maple Grove High School officials announced that 13 boys hockey players had been suspended, along with the head coach. Some of the players were suspended for four games. It's unclear whether the "college of porn" player was suspended, but according to game box scores, after registering a goal in a January 17 game, the player recorded no stats during Maple Grove's next three games, including the team's most recent contest last Saturday.

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