Mark Dayton's Facebook joke about back surgery is taken too seriously

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It's all fun and games until a reporter comes to believe you're serious about delaying the budget proposal.
This morning, Mark Dayton took to Facebook to update people about his recovery from a December 26 vertebrae-fusing back surgery.

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Dayton has until January 22 to present his budget proposal for the next biennium, but in his Facebook post, he joked that if he isn't sufficiently recovered by then, he'll "invoke the obscure clause in the Minnesota Constitution, which allows me a one-time, two-month extension." Unfortunately, his humor was lost on some.

Here's Dayton original Facebook post:

dayton FB back 1.jpeg

Within an hour of that status being posted, Forum Communications Capitol reporter Don Davis published a report taking Dayton's "obscure clause" joke seriously:

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Told some folks didn't get the joke, Dayton hopped back on Facebook to clarify:

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Oh, and in case Mike Parry is wondering, Davis reports that "A Dayton spokeswoman said he is not taking prescription pain medicine."

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Reier Erickson
Reier Erickson

Oh no, we can't offend the "recovering from surgery" folks. Eric, I cannot even begin to imagine the oppression you have faced... Get real, sensitive much?

Jon Marchand
Jon Marchand

If Don Davis ever read The Onion, I think his head might explode.

Trevor Ludwig
Trevor Ludwig

What does your anecdote have to do with this?

Eric Kanzenbach
Eric Kanzenbach

I got massive surgery on my leg that required bone construction on December 26th. Tons of big screws and plates and stiches ... I have to be on my butt for 10 more weeks and endure grewling rehabilitation. I don't think it's very funny at all. He said he was the worst Senator? Now you can add comedian to that list. The pain killers made me drop from 175lbs to 155lbs. I am sure glad he is opposed to medical marijuana. What a jerk!


@Eric Kanzenbach I guess you get to invoke your little known "2 month extension" clause as well.  Where can we send donations for your recovery fund?

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