Matt Call is pissed off about Tyler Braunschweig's light hit-and-run sentence

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Braunschweig says he's eager to turn his life around, but Call would like to see him spend some more time behind bars before that happens.
Tyler Braunschweig, the driver who hit and nearly killed Matt Call with a Jeep Grand Cherokee near the intersection of Lyndale Avenue and 24th Street last summer, pleaded guilty to a felony count of criminal vehicle operation last week.

He's been sentenced to 180 days in the Hennepin County Workhouse (during which time he's eligible for work and school release), followed by less than three years of probation with a number of conditions, including no alcohol or controlled substance use.

-- Tyler Braunschweig didn't slow his SUV after hitting Matt Call, police say
-- Tyler Braunschweig, U of M student, arrested in connection with Lyndale & 24th hit-and-run

The week before he entered his guilty plea, Braunschweig took to Facebook to express his hope that 2013 is the year his life turns around.

Here's his post:

braunschweig facebook post.jpg
Meanwhile, Call -- who was left with two broken femurs, a cracked pelvis, cracked vertebrae, and lung contusions following the collision -- is less than satisfied with Braunschweig's sentence: In a subsequent tweet, Call says Braunschweig admitted to being under the influence at the time of the hit-and-run during his sentencing, though nothing in the court record verifies that.

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