Michael Brodkorb's wife updates his condition

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Michael Brodkorb's wife issued a press release this afternoon to update the public on her husband's health following an accident that left him in critical condition.
"Michael's condition has improved. We thank everyone for their concern, warm thoughts and prayers. As we focus on Michael's health, we ask that the media and the public continue to respect our wishes for privacy."
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This is consistent with the word from Michael's mistress, Amy Koch, who tweeted, "Seems he will be fine."

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you don't get to have privacy, toots. 

funny how brodkorb wants to be a media darling now that he's not working for the state. any TV station that wants to keep his name relevant by asking for his brilliant commentary, he's there to make an on-air cameo. now that he crashes the car and may have been drinking prior to it, his wife wants all sorts of privacy that he has been far from shunning.

both ways: can't have it, toots.


I think the final sentence is low. Did you really have to include it? Oh yea, by the way...fuck you City Pages.


@ronfromminneapolis Why? Brodkorb's wife and mistress are the ONLY Republicans commenting on his accident, and the lefties who've mentioned it have all wished for his speedy recovery.

Seems you're straining for reasons to be mad about something.

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