Michael Brodkorb dings Andy Parrish with LOL-worthy bestiality zinger

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Brodkorb is curious about Parrish's sudden interest in man-on-animal sex.
Andy Parrish must've had a slow Saturday -- he spent part of his evening trolling prominent DFLers on Twitter.

-- Rep. Phyllis Kahn on Seward voting lines: "Someone at the city should be executed"
-- Andy Parrish trolls Chris Kluwe on Twitter
-- DFL cuts MNGOP Senate staffers' salaries; Bakk cites cost of Brodkorb lawsuit

One of his targets was Rep. Phyllis Kahn, D-Minneapolis, who in 1999 authored a bill that would've repealed all state laws criminalizing sex between consenting adults, including prostitution and bestiality. (But what if the poor animal doesn't consent?)

In an apparent attempt to embarrass her, Parrish tweeted at Kahn and asked, "[D]o you plan to introduce legalizing sex with animals again?"

That question prompted a humdinger of a reply from Michael Brodkorb, who asked Parrish: "You lonely tonight?"

(Parrish has since deleted tweet, though you can see a retweet of it here.)

Though he's a Republican, Brodkorb breaks from most of his party when it comes to marriage rights -- he opposed the marriage amendment Parrish worked so hard and unsuccessfully to pass.

And that wasn't the only time Parrish wound up on the losing end of a notably Minnesotan's Twitter zing this weekend. He received this rejoinder from the Star Tribune's Rachel Stassen-Berger after complaining about the Strib's paywall yesterday morning):
:::: UPDATE ::::

8:40 a.m. -- This morning, Sally Jo Sorensen sent along a screegrab of Parrish's original tweet, which came in the form of a reply to Kahn's message of support for Minnesota Orchestra musicians, of all things:


And on her Bluestem Prairie blog, Sorensen takes a humorous look at Parrish's repeated, and repeated, and repeated Twitter trolling of Secretary of State Mark Ritchie about voting rights for ex-cons -- trolling that hinges on a fundamental misunderstanding of Minnesota law.

Can we create a Best Unintentional Political Comedian category for the next City Pages Best Of? Between Parrish and Mary Franson, the competition would be fierce.

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Thank you Senator Petersen for listening to Minnesotans say that we want to treat all of our neighbors fairly. If Civil marriage is good enough for some of us , it's good enough for all of us.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

HAHA Andy got zinged HARD

what a fool he is - what a loser

Erica Anderson
Erica Anderson

Andy Parrish is a sad little troll who has nothing better to do than troll on Twitter.


You need to spend more time with these folks. When they "zing" Democrats, they think they're being incredibly funny. I'm sure these zings were forwarded to all their friends and great hilarity resulted.

They are never happier than when they are insulting the left, and the grosser and meaner the insult, the more joy they get from it.

green23 topcommenter

@mark.gisleson This is correct, of course. Conservatives have an entirely different definition of humour that excludes wit and anything approaching cleverness. 

I spoke with an anthropologist about this a few years back when a conservative "comedy" club opened. He said that conservatives use humour as a form of tribal identification, in the same way that people would wear a Vikings jersey to a game-day football party, or Deadheads employ tie-dyes. The object of this "humour" is to show that the "joke-teller" is "one of them", and people laugh to indicate that they, too, are one of the tribe. 

Any use of wit merely increases the chance that someone will not see the "joke" as an attempt at tribal identification, and it will therefore fail. Thus, any kind of cleverness is seen by conservatives as a poorly-told joke. 

There's nothing witty about Parrish's putative "joke". A simple "You suck!" sent to Kahn would have been "funnier" to conservatives, because it is clearer.

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