Minnesota wolf hunters on track to finish just over target

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Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services.
More kills could still come in through tomorrow.
The final leg of Minnesota's controversial wolf hunting season will come to a close tonight, and hunters have already hit their target.

As of publication, the Department of Natural Resources has tallied 403 kills between the two seasons, meaning hunters have hit three wolves above target. DNR wolf specialist Dan Stark emphasizes that the target is not a quota, and they fully expected the possibility of going over.

Minnesota wolf hunt: Welcome to round two
Wolf hunt closes Sunday; 129 killed so far

Hunters can continue to hunt until 30 minutes after sunset tonight, and trappers have until 10 p.m. The deadline to register a kill with the DNR is also tonight, so it's likely the total amount of kills will still increase.

The second leg of the season, which began in late November, turned out to be much more fruitful for hunters than the early phase. Hunters ended the early season with 147 kills, 53 under target.

The remainder carried over to the second season, and hunters still managed to exceed it with 256 kills. That breaks down to 189 in the Northwest Region (of a 187 target), nine in the East Central (of 10), and 58 in the Northeast (of 56).

We'll update with the final numbers when they become available.

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Jessi Brennan
Jessi Brennan

Yeah. Murdering animals that are not used for food isn't really my idea of fun. It takes a pretty disturbed person to enjoy killing things for no particular reason.

Rm Frankenstein Hanson
Rm Frankenstein Hanson

Not surprising, traps work 24 hours a day. I want to know how many kills have gone unreported. Infuriating.

Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy

It must feel awesome to mow down unsuspecting animals with a high powered rifle.

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