NFL fandom map shows Purple Nation extending into Iowa and the Dakotas [IMAGE]

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Heck, there are even some purple counties in Nebraska.
The Vikings aren't just Minnesota's team. They're also the Northern Iowa Vikings, the North Dakota Vikings, and the Eastern South Dakota Vikings, apparently.

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Facebook's data science team analyzed more than 35 million NFL team "likes" to produce a county-by-county map of America's favorite football teams. It shows that Purple Nation is one of the geographically largest of any team, though it is sparsely populated on the periphery.

Here's the map (click to enlarge):

nfl fandom map.jpg

You can read more about the methodology behind the map here.

Notice -- and appreciate -- the neat demarcation of NFL allegiances between Minnesota and the Land of Cheese. Because if any Minnesota county went green, the legislature might have to consider forcing it to secede to Wisconsin.

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Iowans, North Dakotans and South Dakotans have always been part of the Vikings fan base......If anything I think this map shows we're losing support from Montanans. Montana used to be a place where you could find many, many Twins and Vikings fans. So I guess what I'm saying is, I read this map completely opposite. 

Also, does it matter that it's 'geographically' the largest when it covers an area that has like 10 people per square mile? That's like saying Mitt Romney won the election because he won by far a larger geographic area than Obama.

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