Norm Coleman isn't interested in Al Franken rematch, praises Franken's approach

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Coleman doesn't see himself ending up in this position again anytime soon.
Norm Coleman may be the most popular Republican in Minnesota, but he apparently doesn't think he's popular enough to take down Al Franken.

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It looks like those hoping for a rematch of the ridiculously close and controversial 2008 matchup for Minnesota's junior U.S. Senate seat are in for a disappointment, as Coleman told the National Journal he no interest in running again.

From the Michael Catalini's "Are Republicans Scared of Al Franken?":
"You can't play handball in an open field. At this point there's been no candidate," said former GOP Sen. Norm Coleman, who lost to Franken in the 2008 race. "He's been pretty much invisible. In that sense he hasn't created a lot of enemies. I don't know if that's his strategy, but it's a pretty good strategy if it is."

The list of potential, formidable candidates is short. Coleman, in an interview with National Journal, categorically said he wasn't going to run for the Senate in 2014, denying the GOP one of its best-known possible challengers.
Catalini's report goes on to list reasons why challenging Franken isn't nearly as appealing as running against him in 2008 was: namely, he's popular, Republicans in Minnesota are not, and Franken is flush with cash while the MNGOP is broke.

So might the MNGOP's only option be to trot out a relative unknown in hopes he or she can catch lightning in a bottle and score an improbable victory? If it is, let's hope, for the sake of those who enjoy competitive political races, that it works out better in 2014 than it did last November.

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green23 topcommenter

Coleman's "most popular" status is hardly impressive: 38/41 unfavourable. 

Paulsen is the best shot to beat Franken. He's the only current Congressional candidate from the MNGOP that didn't look ridiculous in the last election. It's probably the only way to get Paulsen out of his current District, as well.

Coleman has been branded as a loser by his own Party. The ideologues that control the primary would much rather gamble on an unknown bozo than run a "proven loser". They seem to think that all candidates are interchangeable and equally likely to win, so it's best to run with someone who's "pure".

Midterms have an inherent Republican turnout advantage, but Independents are currently repulsed by the wingnut-oriented flavour of the GOP.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

The 2008 campaign was nothing but lies where Republicans tried to convince stupid people that Al Franken was nothing but a clown.  The weak lies and silly attacks didn't work.    Senator Franken has been great at his job while taking it very seriously the past 6 years, the complete opposite of the stupid Republican ads.  .  These days Republicans are way too stupid to win an election of ideas and they know their lies won't work this time around so it will be impossible to win.   Since Republicans are nothing but stupid bigots they won't be able to find a good candidate to challenge Senator Franken either.    My guess is they will turn to dirty tricks.  Start funding Green Party candidates in the hope they can steal away 5-10% of the DFL vote. 

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