Petition to oust Michele Bachmann from Intelligence is a no brainer


People for the American Way, a liberal advocacy group, is circulating a petition asking John Boehner to remove Michele Bachmann from the House Intelligence Committee.

The petition targets Bachmann's bizarre obsession with Sharia law and other Islamophobic tomfoolery, though really there's any number of reasons to remove Bachmann from anything involving intelligence.

She made a big splash with her unfounded claim that Iran was planning to divide up Iraq, which she later had to retract. She has suggested that Islam is the enemy and insinuated that a fellow Congressman was a secret member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Most recently, she claimed on the radio that President Obama supports the global rise of Sharia Law.

"Conspiracy theories and religious McCarthyism should have no place in our government, especially in the House Intelligence Committee, on which Rep. Bachmann sits," the petition argues.


If you would like to join the cause, you can sign the petition here.

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