Pine County Sheriff's refusal to enforce new gun regulations has at least one legislative supporter

cole draz.jpeg
Sheriff Cole's (right) threatened refusal to implement federal law has the support of Drazkowski (left).
When Andy Parrish says he has "no intention of abiding" by President Obama's new proposed gun control measure, it's one thing. But a county sheriff? That's another.

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Yesterday, Pine County Sheriff Robin Cole distributed a letter to county residents announcing that he "will not enforce" any new gun control regulations implemented by the federal government.

In the letter, which was shared by the Duluth News Tribune, Cole writes that he believes "current state law is sufficient to protect public safety." He also expresses concern about new gun control measures infringing on the Second Amendment, characterizing the right to bear arms as "fundamental to our individual freedoms."

His position has the support of Pine County Commissioner Mitch Pangerl, and more significantly, Rep. Steve Drazkowski, R-Mazeppa, winner of the 2011 City Pages Best Villain award:

draz sheriff FB.jpg
Will Obama have to pull an LBJ and send federal troops to Minnesota to take AR-15s away from folks like Parrish, Cole, and Drazkowski? On one level, that sounds scary; on another, wildly entertaining.

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