Protestors converge on the state Capitol for opening day of the legislative session [IMAGES]

The cardboard sign on the right reads, "Make the Safety Net Safe."
The Minnesota Legislature kicked off the 2013-2014 biennium today at noon. Which means that marching protestors arrived on the Capitol steps at 11:30.

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The first group to set up camp was protesting for a welfare increase. Armed with lime-green signs (including bags of extras for any motivated onlookers or latecomers) and a megaphone, the group opened with a call-and-response chant: "What do we want?" "Tax the rich." "When do we want it?" "Now."

Welfare dollars haven't increased since 1986, the activists explained, even as the cost of living has doubled. "In 1986, the maximum cash grant was $437," the voice behind the mic yelled. "In 2013, it's still $437."

The group shouted demands to double the welfare grants by eliminating "billions" in tax breaks for the wealthy. But right when they were starting in on a new chant, another group showed up.
Protestors with the Idle No More movement march over to the Capitol from Sears.
These demonstrators had marched over from the Sears across the street, waving banners and banging drums. Their calls to the convening state legislators were less direct than "tax they rich": they were seeking awareness.
The sizable group was there in solidarity with the "Idle No More" movement sweeping Canada and spilling over into the U.S., which calls for indigenous people's rights.

These protestors wanted recognition for "how the earth is being treated," they shouted as they climbed to the top of the Capitol steps.
At about a quarter to noon, while, inside the Capitol, 132 House members were preparing to be sworn in, the group began a drum circle and continued to chant.
Crowded Capitol steps.

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So you don't care that the rich need us all to stay poor in order for them to stay rich? As for taxing the rich, we're talking more like 150k and over, not 30k.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

maybe we should just tax young people and let old people live for free. maybe we shoudl tax people making 30k or less a year. maybe my dog should pay taxes


Oh come on! Ya guys! For crying out loud!  Don't you know that the rich people need people to stay stuck in poverty in order for them to stay filthy rich......I myself have a disability, and am in a job training program. So I'm not mooching off of anyone. I benefit from some of the programs that have been cut, I've been involved with the welfare issue for over twenty years here in the Twin Cities, and I know many people with families. If I hadn't known their stories, I would have said about pregnant women on assistance,"Why doesn't her family help? Why doesn't she get married?" Nowadays I would say, "Why is it all on the woman? Doesn't it take two to tango? Where's the man?"  

As for taxing the rich.....I'm all for it, even a rich man himself (Warren Buffet) believes that the more you have the more you should give back.....doesn't it makes sense? If your poor and you don't have as much, then you shouldn't give as much.....right now as it stands, the poor are paying MORE than their fair share, losing homes to foreclosure, being out on the streets, and now with that fricking voter i.d. having people trying to take their right to vote!!! I could go on.


They want to double the welfare benefit amount?  So they can double the number of illegitimate children that they can shit out every 9 months that they can't afford to take care of to begin with?  Yeah, sounds like a great idea to me!


I bet if you checked these losers, you'd find every piece of clothing that ever disappeared from your dryer at the coin laundry.

TheConservativeJerk topcommenter

The ignorant of society will do as the ignorant of society will do.
No goal, no dream, just a desire to remain a slave of the state.
Oh, and the uneducated always vote democrat!

gregboll the rich, and keep taxing them more and more and more.  That
way they will hire fewer workers (or lay off those they have), start
fewer businesses that employ others, and invest less in the American
economy.  Real smart...

Jeffrey Stager
Jeffrey Stager

What do we want? TIME TRAVEL! When do we want it? IT DOESN'T MATTER!

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@gregboll Great point.  It's like when George W. Bush tried that whole cutting taxes for the rich thing and look how that turned out.  It's not like the entire economy almost collapsed due to stupid right wing policies like you endorse.  Are you people seriously this stupid?  Learn a lesson.   We have tried your stupid idea and it didn't work.  How dumb are you to try it again?  The Dems get to try their ideas now and you need to shut up and learn a lesson.  If their policy fails you need to come up with a new idea and see if the people agree.  Only complete idiots (Republicans) keep pitching the same stupid failed ideas over and over again.  You live in a fantasy world. 

TheConservativeJerk topcommenter

@MicheleBachmann @gregboll Yep, and thus popular opinion tells us you're either too young or too stupid to understand conservatism. Now get to work, were coming for YOUR paycheck next

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@TheConservativeJerk  Stupid liar phony troll.  Republican idiots like you supported everything Bush did and have changed none of your ideas or opinions.   Only the very stupid think like you do.  That's why Obama won so easily in the last two elections. Go away if you have nothing new or interesting to contribute.   Why would anyone listen to a stupid fool who thinks like George W. Bush?  

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