Rybak in D.C. to support, lobby for Obama's proposals on gun reform [UPDATE, PHOTOS]

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via @MayorRTRybak
Rybak takes the podium at Wednesday evening's Mayors against Illegal Guns press conference
When Obama announced his gun law reform agenda this morning, R.T. Rybak was at the White House.

The Minneapolis mayor, who co-hosted a Regional Gun Summit here just last week, is in D.C. for the day to lobby in support of the president's proposal.

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"As mayor of a community that has witnessed far too much gun violence, I'm deeply thankful to President Obama for his courage, which will make all communities safer," Rybak said in a statement. "I'm especially encouraged by the President's proposal to eliminate barriers on the ability of federal and local law enforcement to work together to solve gun crimes and trace where illegal guns come from."
via @MayorRTRybak
Rybak's Twitter pictures give a behind-the-scenes (though blurry) peek of today in D.C.
Based on the mayor's tweets, sounds like the day is going well:
On Wednesday evening, Rybak joined 50 of his fellow Mayors Against Illegal Guns, as well as police chiefs and a victim of the Sandy Hook shooting, in a press conference to speak about the need for reform. (Duluth's and St. Paul's mayors are also members of the coalition, along with pretty much everyone else, from New Orleans to Atlanta to Madison to L.A.).
RybakPresser_Virginia Mayer.JPG
courtesy Rybak's office
Here's another shot of Rybak at the presser, at left
While this particular issue hits close to home for Rybak, he's no stranger to supporting Obama's initiatives; as recently as November, he was in the capital to talk fiscal cliff business.

Last month, Rybak announced he won't seek a fourth term in the mayor's office, which means that whether or not he'll opt to start spending time in D.C. on a more regular basis is anyone's guess.

Here are a few photos from last week's Regional Gun Summit, which Rybak hosted with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett:
Gun Summit 2.JPG
courtesy Rybak's office
St. Paul Police Chief Thomas Smith, next to Mpls's new police chief and Rybak
Gun Summit 3.JPG
courtesy Rybak's office
Four regional mayors gather with three police chiefs and Sami Rahamim, the son of Accent Signage shooting victim Reuven Rahamim
Gun Summit 1.JPG
courtesy Rybak's office
From left, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, Washington County Attorney Pete Orput, U.S. Attorney James Santelle, the St. Paul and Mpls police chiefs, Rybak, Barett, and Milwaukee's police chief

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