St. Paul street sign manufacturer needs a copy editor [IMAGE]

unversity ave rect.jpg
WCCO screengrab
A street sign on the west side of St. Paul that reads "Unversity Ave." will be replaced next week, about a month after it first went up.

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The sign was installed by Lakeville-based Safety Signs, but the company says it isn't at fault for the mistake.

Jay Blanchard, a manager with Safety Signs, told the Pioneer Press the sign's lettering was printed by another company -- a company apparently in need to a copy editor.

"When they come from the manufacturer, sometimes our field guys don't even notice," Blanchard said.

According to a 2010 New York Post report, replacing street signs in the Big Apple costs about $110 a pop. If that's also the case here, then somebody at the sign manufacturing company is responsible for a three-figure mistake.

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mingtran topcommenter

You need a copy editor. "The west side of St. Paul" is confusing and sounds like you don't live here.

Angela Salzl
Angela Salzl

i say leave the sign. i find it entertaining that this happened, and almost no body noticed it!

Trevor Ludwig
Trevor Ludwig

Bahahha. You guys calling out people for needing a copy editor. That's Rich!

Joe Strom
Joe Strom

It's like the City Pages had a week off, and are now posting what Kare11 did last week.

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